Monday, April 9, 2012

Don Cherry: More Disgusting Than his Normal Self

Only Don Cherry can take an easy Vimy Ridge tribute and make it disgustingly  political. Never mind his shots at Crosby. How about saying "and I know the lefties don't like that" when speaking of honouring our brave Vimy troops. What an ass.

Tell me dear lefties, is it true? Do none of you like us honouring our Vimy Ridge moment? Did none of your family members ever serve in our armed forces?

Click on the Coach's Corner video here. It's about 28 seconds in.

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Anonymous said...


Don Cherry has run his mouth again. He doesn't realize the man responsible for organizing these commemorative trips for high school students is a leftie! (At least as Don Cherry defines it.)

Dave Robinson had to work hard to convince the government and the Armed Forces that keeping the memory alive was important.

Robinson is a retired high school teacher who felt not enough was being done to commemorate the bravery of the troops of the WW1 and WW2 era. He has arranged trips to all the major European battlegrounds and to Hong Kong.

At one time Robinson ran to be candidate for the Federal Liberals in the Durham riding.

Instead of questioning the patriotism of all who disagree with his politics Don should spend more time getting his facts straight. Furthermore, he should do the right thing by nominating Robinson for a major award for his contribution to Canada.