Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Liberal Party has Officially Lost its Mind....

....and with it the ability to regain any of their lost urban seats in any election anytime soon (which I'm sure you've heard me warn of before). WTH is the Liberal caucus even thinking? What do you mean we don't need more MPs? For Chrisake get your head out of arses Liberal MPs.

The Liberals’ plan is doubly unexpected given Rae’s background as an Ontario premier, when he was a consistent voice arguing for the province’s “fair share” at the federal-provincial table. Ontario’s current Liberal government, under Premier Dalton McGuinty, has been a strong advocate of increased seats for the province in the next reshuffle of Commons seats, due to be in place for the 2015 election.

Which is it Mr. Rae? We need more seats? Or, we dont?

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