Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bob Rae Then and Now

What a turd this guy is turning out to be.

Here's what Bob said then:

“This is a job that needs to be done now … this is just my chance to serve,” Mr. Rae said. “I think there will be a broader chance for renewal in the search for a new leader in a year and a half (or) two years, and I think it’s important for the party to look very much to a new generation of leadership. And I’m sure that will happen.”
Here's what Bob says now:

"I think the role of the interim leader is to do everything possible to rebuild the party. Beyond that, I don't recall anything in the job description that went beyond that."
Make no mistake folks. Bob is not on a "rebuilding" tour. Bob is on a "leadership" tour.
Dear Bob,





Welby said...

I think this is an unfair comment. I was a supporter of Michael Ignatieff. But since Hunstville I have been impressed how he has helped the party. He has gone out and done fundraising. His riding association helps other less fortunate riding associations and I would be fine if he ran to be a permanent leader. His numbers are better than the NDP now. He has good political skills.

James Curran said...

Really? Well Bob could put an end to all this shit by simply stating once and for all he will not be seeking the full time leadership of the party.....but he won't, will he?

Anonymous said...

He did state that when he became interim leader.

James Curran said...

Seem he's changed his mind.

Anonymous said...

He's doing a good job, no denying it.

Liberals would be lucky if he decided to seek the leadership.

Anonymous said...


If he wants to run for permanent Leader, that's fine with me.

He just needs to resign as interim Leader and campaign with the other candidates on an fair playing field.

Every day that he remains as interim Leader gives him an unfair advantage if he later chooses to ignore his solemn commitment to the National Executive and to the members of the Party at the emergency convention back in June that he would not run for the permanent Leader position.

While it might not seem like a big deal to some people now, I am telling you that there will be a long-term cost to the Party in the form of unrenewed or canceled memberships, donations further drying up and a continuing sense that if you want to get ahead in the Party, you have to be willing to compromise principles, fairness and your integrity.

There is a real natural sense of justice here. If Bob goes back on his solemn word, he may well become Leader, but he will be Leader of a further weakened and dysfunctional Party.

Good Luck to you there Bobby!!

James Curran said...