Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Liberal Party Dumber than Sticks...MSM even Dumber

Fine. I'll blog about Nycole Tumel. You made me cause you're so f@cking stupid.

1. The Liberal Party talking birds like Scotty Popcorn and Rob not Gold but some other colour... have lost their minds over the separatist turned Dipper turned leader is mind boggling. Liberals and Conservatives and Dippers have been poaching Bloquistes in like forever.

Dear Scotty Popcorn, do remember the names Jean Lapierre and Lucien Bouchard? Not to mention that it was the Liberal Party of Canada that wanted Nycole Turmel first.

2. Dear Media twitter tards, this shit was already covered in April 2011. But none of you were paying attention (save for this one) because you were worried about a waitress in Las Vegas. You certainly weren't worried about telling Canadians that there were days that Jack Layton looked like he was going to pass out at the blowing of a strong wind.

3. The real story is why wasn't loudmouth ignoramus Tom Mulcair NOT picked as leader. Probably because he's been trying to negotiate his way into the Conservative caucus. No stories about that though.

4. While the loser Liberal leader talks about a separatist they tried to recruit themselves, the Conservatives still have a majority, they continue to raise money - even though the election isn't for 4 more years - and they fully plan to eliminate all opposition.

5. The Cons are doing it right. They're taking it over at every level...including school board trustee, alderman, regional councillor, etc. etc. etc. Liberals don't get that.


Jymn Parrett said...

Point 5 a lesson for NDP. Don't give the farm away to the Cons. Don't let them define who you are.

Gyor said...

Finally a liberal who gets it! This bs will not hurt the NDP in ROC and it will help the NDP in Quebec.
It will hurt federalist though. How is telling seperatists turned federalists to go f@ck themselves good for federalism. The BQ jump on this so called "Federalist" pile on and even started it as only the BQ would have access to this info. The BQ is playing puppet master and Steven, Rae, and Rob Silver are puppets. Look at the french media and you will see that the spin is Quebecers are unwanted in Canada.

The only silver lining is the libs and tories just screwed themselves in Quebec. Good luck to liberals on rebuilding now that they burnt thier bridges there.

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