Monday, May 23, 2011

One Week Left to Call Liberal Leadership Convention

I wonder what the rules will be? What's the deposit? What is the maximum amount the contestants can spend? Where will it be? Who's the chairs of the big event? Can't wait to here all the details. Anybody have any guesses?

Section 54(3) In the circumstances set out in Subsection 54(1), if the Leader publicly announces an intention to resign or if the Leader delivers to the National President a written resignation or a written request to call a Leadership Vote, the National President must call a meeting of the National Board of Directors to be held within 27 days, and at that meeting the National Board of Directors must:

(a) in the circumstances set out in Subsection 54(1) or if the Leader so requests, in
consultation with the Caucus, appoint an “Interim Leader”;

(b) set a date for a Leadership Vote to be held within five months;

(c) fix a deposit, refundable or otherwise, to be paid by each leadership contestant

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Anonymous said...

Ther is a letter in the Toronto Star that says, 'in other words,' Grt rid of Al Apps, Clean the top hire all new ones, then.... maybe we will have something to vote for.