Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is Jimmy Karygiannis onto Something Here

He suggests a move back to the grassroots and a call for 100,000 to 200,000 new Liberal members.


Skinny Dipper said...

I am not sure how the Liberals elect their leader. Do they still use a delegate system, or have they switched to some system where all party members get to vote for the leader? If the party still uses a delegate-based system, there is no incentive for new members to join.

James Curran said...

It'll be weighted one member one vote. Where membership explodes is when open nominations are allowed. at 10 bucks a membership, it's a great fundraiser. Imagine 200000 members renewing every year at 10 bucks?

Fiddlers' Green said...

I saw him on CBC, and all his ideas were bang on; we absolutely need open nominations again, for all those reasons. Those bring in the members. OMOV, on the other hand, is a chimera. OK, we do have leadership races now every 2-3 years, but in a normal case, one leadership race every 10 years or so? With all the problems with OMOV, to use that to try to build memberships, so that someone has the glory of possibly electing a leader the may never talk to again, or of course backing the loser...vs a system where we make MP's more important and have them accountable directly to their members, where a membership actually gets you the ear and more importantly the appreciation of the MP/Candidate...I'm going for that. In any case the party leadership is decided, for now...but ending the appointments and quasi appointments has to be one of the first priorities