Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Toronto Sun Breaks Cardinal Sin and Drags Iggys Wife, ex-wife and Kids into the Campaign

What a scumbag Godfrey is. Geez, I wonder if the Conservatives just might be sitting on her file. And by the way Mr. amateur reporter, her name is spelled Zsuzsanna Zsohar.


ck said...

Sun really scrapes the bottom of the barrel, don't they? A real classy paper.

This morning, it was an editorial, slamming the Globe and Mail for not being Conservative anymore.

Now this. Love how they make Ms Zsohar sound like some alien from Mars.

Anonymous said...

You notice how they don't leave anything for comments.

What a bunch of scum. Real scum.

Don't forget that the Sun is part of the QMI chain - Quebecor, London Free Press, Videotron and of course that bastion of lies, Sun TV. We need to ban them all.

ThinkingManNeil said...

Tom Godfrey is an ignorant turd by resorting to this kind of mendacious, bigoted. low-brow nonsense and the Sun is a "newspaper" for backwards, slavish, undereducated, primitive, unthinking, chest-thumping, warmongering, tit-obsessed troglodytes.


Mark Francis said...

You tell just how pro-immigration The Sun is. But they'll be real happy if the Conservatives pick up sufficient votes from the 'ethnic' "you people" vote to pick up extra ridings. They are welcome as long as they are useful to the Conservative elite.