Friday, April 15, 2011

The Morning Nanos

The Harper Conservatives hold a 10 point advantage over the Ignatieff Liberals looking at the three day tracking ending April 14. Overall, support for the NDP continues to incrementally improve over the past six nights. The improvement has largely been driven by an increase in NDP support in both Ontario and British Columbia.

Tory fortunes continue to slide in British Columbia although the Tories still enjoy a lead. The ballot numbers in BC stand at 38.7% for the Conservatives, 26.6% for the Liberals, 23.0% for the NDP and 11.0% for the Green Party of Canada.

Battleground Ontario remains a tight race with the Conservatives at 39.7% and the Liberals at 39.0% followed by the NDP at 18.2% and the Greens a 3.1% while the Tories continue to have a commanding lead in the Prairies with 56.5% support.

In the wake of the French leaders' debate the BQ enjoy a comfortable lead while the three federalist parties are statistically tied.

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