Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Morning Nanos

The first night after the leaders' English debate has the Conservatives with an 8 point advantage over the Liberals and the NDP trending up to 18.3% support nationally. Support for the Tories stands at 38.9% followed by the Liberals at 31.1%, the NDP at 18.3%, the BQ at 7.5% and the Green Party at 3.1% nationally.

In the wake of the English debate, the Conservatives opened up an advantage over the Liberals in Atlantic Canada outside of the margin of error for the regional sub-sample with support at 49.3% for the Tories compared to 35.6% for the Grits (NDP support stood at 14.0% in Atlantic Canada).

Over the past three days in BC, Conservative support has slid while NDP support has increased although the Conservatives still lead. The ballot support in British Columbia is at 40.8% for the Conservatives, 28.7% for the Liberals, 22.4% for the NDP and 7.3% for the Green Party.

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