Monday, April 11, 2011

The Morning Nanos

Leading up to the federal leaders' debate the Conservatives lead by 11 points. Support for the Tories is at 41.2%, while the Liberals are at 30.4%, the NDP at 15.2%, the BQ at 7.8% and the Greens at 4.6% nationally. The Conservatives continue to lead in the Prairie provinces while the three federalist parties are within the margin of error of each other in the province of Quebec. Of note, support for the Bloc Quebecois stands at about 32% for the second day in a row.

In battleground Ontario the Conservatives are at 43.6% followed by the Liberals at 36.6%. In British Columbia the Tory advantage over the Liberals continues but is diminished.

Over the past week, support for the Conservatives and the Liberals has been relatively stable with the Conservative advantage moving anywhere from between 8 to 11 percentage points.

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