Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Morning Nanos

Nationally, support for the Tories is at 39.5%, while the Liberals are at 31.6%, the NDP at 14.7%, the BQ at 8.1% and the Greens at 4.8%.

The Conservatives enjoy a comfortable lead in the Prairies and British Columbia. Over the past five nights of tracking Liberal support has increased in the province of Quebec. The NDP slide over the past few nights of tracking has abated.

The Liberals and Conservatives are tied in battleground Ontario at 40.3% and 39.7% respectively. In Quebec, support for the BQ stands at 32.6% followed by the Liberals at 27.4%, the Conservatives at 21.7% and the NDP at 15.1%. The Liberal numbers in Quebec have trended upward for the past four evenings of research. From about 17 to 27 percent.

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