Saturday, April 2, 2011

Morning Nanos

Conservatives 41.3

Liberal 30.3

NDP 16%

Bloc 8.5

Green 3.7

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ck said...

This is discouraging. The Liberals go down everyday with Nanos as the Harpercons go up. Yet many critics say that Ignatieff and the Liberals have been campaigning well all week as Harper has not.

After listening to Jean Lapierre on Andrew Carter's show on CJAD following Harper's Montreal rally, I'm beginning to fear the worst. Lapierre told Carter that former Liberal supporters were at the rally all now gung-ho to vote for the Harpercons. In a phrase? To block the Bloc by voting Harpercon. I will interpret that to mean much more than simply blocking the Bloc. Those people are the same as those who call radio call-in shows saying they want a clear majority so they won't have to go to the polls again; they A) are punishing the Liberals for bringing them to this 'traumatizing' election (yes, they blame the Liberals) and B)since they don't see Ignatieff having any hope of winning or the best he can do is another minority, they would all go back to the polling station, yet again. In other words, they don't care what Harper would potentially do if unleashed with his coveted majority. They only want a winner who will keep them from the terrible polling station.

I feel like sending them all to Libya, or another such dicatorship where there are no free elections--ever, by row boat, quite frankly