Tuesday, April 5, 2011

HarperGod Denies Access To Guelph Students Now

Getting to be a little ridiculous at this point isn't it. Students vow to vote en masse as a response.

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Anonymous said...

Compare Harper's prescreening to other parties actions:

1) I attended the NDP rally in Dartmouth (featuring Layton) as a spur of the moment decision, after receiving a call about it from a friend, 30 minutes before the event. No screening, just a lot of smiles. No pre-registering. Easy access to Robert Chisholm, Megan Leslie, Petter Stoffer, and others.

2) Michael Ignatieff greeted commuters coming off the Dartmouth/Woodside ferries yesterday, with Gerald Regan and Michael Savage in attendance, shaking hands. Completely uncontrolled and uncontrollable. No pre-screening, no strong-arming.

Harper is poison. "Democracy by invitation" should be our new phrase for him.