Thursday, April 14, 2011

Conservatives Move to Have Ballots Destroyed

This story continues to get more and more bizarre.

Several University of Guelph students claim Michael Sona, the communications director for Guelph Conservative candidate Marty Burke, attempted to put a stop to voting at the special ballot held Wednesday.

The students say Sona approached the Elections Canada balloting site claiming that the process unfolding at the location was illegal and at one point reached for but never took possession of a container with ballots.

“He tried to grab for the ballot box. I’m not sure he got his hand on the box, but he definitely grabbed for it,” said Brenna Anstett, a student, who at the time of the reported incident was sealing her second of two envelopes containing her vote.

Student Claire Whalen was just about to receive her ballot just before 5 p.m. when the episode unfolded.

“That’s when a guy came up and said it was an illegal polling station and that he was confiscating the ballots. And then he tried to take (the ballot box),” Whalen said.


A Eliz. said...

What kind of people are these? This will not give the Conservative running there,...too many votes . They will do anything to get a majority. Any body that votes Cons. there is not smart.

ck said...

There are a few things that don't add up here. I worked at a polling station in the last provincial election. Before election day, we had an orientation session where they explained the work and the rules, not just for us, but for the voters, and candidates who may be skulking around.

Besides the scrutineers at their tables, there were a few "aide-PRIMOs" (I don't know what that is in English-PRIMO is acronym for a fancy title for polling station supervisor) not only welcoming people and showing them to ID tables and voting tables, but also to keep an eye for suspicious activity. We were told to report anything suspicious to the PRIMO. From there, the PRIMO does whatever they're supposed to do.

My question is, were there no Election Canada employees around to ensure everything was kosher? Where were they?