Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Abortion! There! I Said it!

This is what else you'll enjoy with a "stable, national, majority Conservative Government". You'll get Rob Bruinooge and his re-introduction of his abortion killing bill. So, if you're a pro-choice supporter, sorry about your luck.


Reid said...

What ridiculous fear mongering. So what if ONE MP introduces a private members bill on abortion. The chance of it passing are zero. A Conservative government will NEVER touch this issue with a 10000000000000000000000000000000 foot pole.

The CPC are not so dumb as to think they could survive re-election after passing such a bill. Think Kim Campbell numbers. Not to mention the fact that they know that the new government coming in after their decimation would just overturn such a law.

After a couple of weeks of your party's failure to move the polls, after Iggy's piss poor performance last night... you guys are running scared. And you're reaching into your way back machine and pulling out the "scary Harper; hidden agenda" meme as your last ditch effort.

James Curran said...

Not so dumb? Really. Apparently 87+/- of them are.

BTW I did not miss you in your absence on this blog.

Reid said...

Nice try. But Bill C-510 was not a bill to ban abortion. It was a bill to ban coercion of an abortion. Which 13% of your caucus voted in favour of and a further 16% of your caucus abstained from voting on because they were afraid of having their vote on the record.

If we did not have entering into contract under duress laws, and some MP introduced a law to make contracts signed under duress invalid, by your logic it would mean that MP was trying to get ALL signed contracts declared invalid. You make a completely ridiculous arguement comparing apples to road apples (horse shit).

James Curran said...

As I said. you weren't missed. Backdooring the abortion debate is far from horse shit...which is what you spread daily across the internet on forums.

60.8% of the Con caucus supported this bill. Hey, what do you know. That's more than 13%.

And I don't have a caucus. I'm not the leader of the party and I'm not an elected member of Parliament.

I'm just a blogger that knows nothing.

Reid said...

The bill was not back dooring anti-abortion. It was to protect women. Why are you and your party anti-woman?

To somewhat quote your (in)glorious leader:

Roxanne, all she knows is that she's dead.

James Curran said...

Since when is pro choice anti women? Now you're just being goofy.

And yes, that was not the quote. But nice try.

I'm kinda busy right now, but feel free to talk amongst yourself.

Reid said...

Funny you talk about being "pro-choice" because bill C510 was to protect women from being FORCED into something. Roxanne's choice was to a) have an abortion or b) be murdered.

Is that the kind of choice you and your party is PRO on?

James Curran said...

Sure it was.

Last updated Tuesday, Mar. 31, 2009 9:28PM EDT
22 comments Email Print/License Decrease text size Increase text size The abortion debate is about to enter a “new era” of advocacy for the rights of the unborn, says a Conservative MP who recently took over the chairmanship of a secretive, parliamentary anti-abortion caucus.

The all-party caucus will publicize what it views as inadequate abotion regulation, and push for legislation to restrict abortions, Winnipeg MP Rod Bruinooge said in an interview.

“I was born in the post-Morgentaler era, and I think I come to this debate under a different context,” Mr. Bruinooge said last night. “I believe that having open debate on important topics like this is essential for any democratic movement. It's a democracy, and we are putting our ideas out for debate.”

James Curran said...

Here ya go.

Eat this one Reid