Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"its time for Canada's economic leaders to stop pretending the country is at the top"

So much for the Harper Conservative Hyperbole about being the economic stewards of the Canadian Economy. I suppose in the scheme of things, being 11th is alright.

A question for Canadians: are you shocked that Canada, the country where fiscal cushions inspire heated debate in the House of Commons, sits outside the Top 10?

Canada ranks 11th in the index. Australia, New Zealand and Estonia are respectively first, second and third. Besides Australia, fellow Group of 20 countries China, Britain and Brazil rank ahead of Canada.


Annie said...

I saw Flaherty on Question Period, saying we were the best for jobs and economy better than the G7, even the G20, number one in the world!!!!!!!!.thanks for clearing this up

Anonymous said...

oh for heaven's sake...
try being a 20 year old woman in Estonia, Brazil or China.
I bet most would prefer #11.
I hope Estonia can turn their better fiscal cushion into fresh water to drink.
I've got two twenty somethings working for me that have repeatedly told me in the last few months that there is no place better on this earth than Canada.
The optimism of these young people surprises me.
I sure hope you're not suggesting the Liberals go out and campaign on a slogan that Canada is not as good as we think!
Yeah, that'll work.

James Curran said...

What a bird you are. But nice spin job there. I thiink we're talking about "ECONOMIES" here. So don't get all righteous on me there anonymous coward. And certainly don't try to tell me about Harpers agenda when it comes to women's rights there pal.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Curran,
I was by no means trying to "spin".
The report was actually about "fiscal realities"; debt to GDP ratios, ability to repay fiscal debt and fiscal governance, a subjective measurement.
So I guess we're both out of line.
There was no mention of "Harper's agenda" when it comes to womens' rights in my comment.
I have two children in college. Both have arranged decent summer jobs. We live in Niagara. Their fiscal situation is looking good. I'll not let someone looking to score political points tell them otherwise. My step-daughter came from a previously Soviet country. I'll try to convince her she should go to Estonia because a study claims it's better there fiscally than Canada.
My point is that the study is silly and media like the Globe give it gravitas by publishing it. Canadians, even young Canadians, know that the situation today in Canada is not "11nth place".
Sorry, I'm anonymous 'cuz it's easier to post that way for me. I'm old and not that internet savvy. I don't consider myself a coward but it's up to others to judge.

James Curran said...

I'm old too.

No really. Won't send her to Estonia?

From Wiki:

"With a population of 1.34 million, Estonia is one of the least-populous members of the European Union, Eurozone and NATO. Today, Estonia has the highest GDP per person of any country that used to be part of the Soviet Union.[9] Estonia is listed as a High-Income Economy by the World Bank and a High-income OECD member. The United Nations lists Estonia as a developed country with a Human Development Index of "Very High". The country is also ranked highly for press freedom, economic freedom, democracy and political freedom and education."

Look. The point is that the Conservatives use their bullshit "stewards of the economy" line every five seconds. It's tiresome. Really tiresome.

The only government that should have harped on their fiscal prudence and success was that of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin. They left this country in a sound economic position which was subsequently squandered for cheap political gain by the likes of Harper and the leprechaun.

That's the point here.