Saturday, March 26, 2011

If I Hear the Words "Unnecessary" and "Election" come out of Harper and Baird's Mouth

...One more time I swear....

You know what. This Holier than thou, Military supporting, fighter jet buying group of Conservatives always take every opportunity they get to remind the nation how they support are brave men and women in conflict around the world. But do you really, Mr. Harper? Mr. Baird? Really?

As the proud owners of the only Commonwealth Parliament in history to be found in contempt it's more than hypocritical on their part. I see Baird rise in the House of Commons screaming at the opposition about wasting taxpayers money on an election - even lying to Canadians about the price tag by adding $100 million to the actual cost - and I think, man, too bad he can't just trip on his bar of soap and break his jaw.

We, as Canadians, have sent our brave soldiers to foreign lands where they fight and die to protect other people that are fighting for democracy and to just have the RIGHT to vote. We've planted many a Canadian child in the ground just to ensure those people of Afghanistan - and now LIBYA - have democratic rights to just have an election.

Yet, here at home, Mr. Harper and Mr. Baird don't think elections are "appropriate". I hope our service men and women see these hypocrites for what they really are so that they know their sacrifices aren't in vain.


Skinny Dipper said...

Canadian soldiers fight so people can have elections around the world; Harper doesn't like elections for Canadians.

Oemissions said...

Last election Baird hung out most of the time at Seniors Centres
giving the impression the Cons are still the old John Diefenbaker Progressive Conservatives
and appealing to members at the Legion
like, get out the poppies,eh....
such an endearing fellow enjoying the ladies home baked "squares" and having tea

ck said...

This video focusses on a Conservative by-election sign from November 2009 in the riding of Hochelaga. Check out the slogan. It's in French, but the language is easy enough to understand. Ever hear of a PM campaigning on a slogan of "ACTION! No Elections!"??

Skinny Dipper said...

Thank goodness Harper's Senate reform proposal didn't pass or else Conservatives would think that we would be having more unnecessary elections.