Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here's a Campaign Tip For Candidates of All Parties

These are serious times in our country. Some say it's the mother of all fights for democracy itself. They may be right.

So, here's what NOT to do as a candidate:

1. Don't hire a kid who has never run a campaign before - let alone won one - as your campaign manager.

2. Don't hire a 7 time loser as your campaign manager.

3. Don't hire a recommendation from a friend as your campaign manager unless that friend is on your campaign and puts his/her money where their mouth is.

Thank you. Have a nice campaign.

The What do I know Grit.


Bob C. said...

I don't think your 2nd point can be taken seriously. In some ridings in this country you could be loser's forever because they vote the same way Every election.

Alberta for example 35 + years 99% could be Liberal or NDP and ran extremely good campaigns and still lose over and over again.

James Curran said...

Well that problem has nothing to do with campaign managers, does it? No. It doesn't.

That's about organization, recruitment and breeding a new generation of Liberals....which could have been done over the course of 35 years. But, since our party lives from election to election, that ain't ever going to happen.

Miles Lunn said...

I would put a qualifier under #2. If you are a Liberal candidate in rural Alberta, your campaign manager likely will have lost every competition. Only if you get a former Tory could you get someone who has won one and considering you could run a monkey as a Tory in rural Alberta and win, it doesn't really matter who you chose. In the competitive parts of the country, I agree though.

James Curran said...

Consider the asterik therefore added to #2 as per your comment.