Monday, February 28, 2011

This is a Big Win for Stephen Harper

I have never said that before.

But his strong stand on Libya tonight is a winner. Hit them in the bank account. Kudos.


Annie said...

It took him long enough, after mostly everyone else did..what about the crazy family here from Tunisia?

Anonymous said...

Good on you, James.

I was pretty critical regarding the Conservative response on the Bev Oda situation last week, even getting positive spin from Canadian Cynic of all places.. and I was curious what the response would be to today's announcement on sanctions from Liberal supporters.

It's refreshing to see that not every act in politics is supported or criticized automatically from a partisan perspective.

P.S. - no need to advise on the other 99% of things that the PM does that you don't agree with :)

R.G.Harvie said...


Accidental annonymous post.