Wednesday, January 5, 2011

10 Reasons Why to Oppose Harper Candidates

By Kathleen O'Hara. An interesting, must read. Courtesy of "The Rabble".

My personal favourite?

In 1993, Mulroney's Conservatives chalked up a $38 billion deficit. By 2006, Chretien's Liberals turned this into a $16 billion surplus. Now, Harper has given us a $55-plus billion deficit.


CanadianSense said...

What big ticket items did the Liberals gut to balance the books?

Are these the same big ticket items that the PBO has raised a red flag?

Did the Liberals ignore necessary spending in areas and created a structural deficit or mess for the next government?

Chalk River was to be shut down in 2000.
The AG Reports on the underfunded military?
The Municipalities to fix their crumbling infrastructure?

What big ticket items did the Liberals sacrifice that this current government has spent money is not needed?

Should we continue with overcrowded prisons, CF falling out of the sky or perhaps we should cut Foreign Aid again, raise EI and make it more difficult to qualify as Liberals did during the last they were in power?

Demosthenes said...

Why on earth do so many Liberals think they can outflank the Conservatives to the right on this issue?

And why, with a weak economy where the middle class is being ripped apart, do they actually think that deficits that voters believe was caused by a worldwide recession is the issue that progressives or small "l" liberals are actually going to base their vote on?

Sorry, but Paul Krugman nailed this one months ago. Nobody Cares About The Deficit. And if you try to build your campaign on the issue, nobody's going to care about voting for your party, either.

If anything will deliver a majority to Harper's mob, this will.