Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Official...Again....The Liberal Party will Not be Winning An Election Any Decade Soon

And the Liberal Leader clearly has no clue what a "wedge issue" is.

What are the other 74 Liberal MPs thinking in caucus meetings??? At a time when the Prime Minister of Canada just proved he clearly LIED to Canadians when he said the mission in Afghanistan would end in 2011, we have The Liberal leader backing him up on his lie. I can tell you if I was in the Liberal Caucus I'd be speaking publicly and loudly that this is a FARCE. Canadians - rightly or wrongly - want our troops home. End of story.

The Liberal Party of Canada is failing Canadians and have been doing it for 23 months straight! Disgusting!


Anonymous said...

It is sad to see how time and again Ignatieff has demonstrated his lack of political acumen.

He demonstrated it when he joined Harper to fight against the auditing of MP expenses by the AG. Now he is showing it again -- on an issue where the majority of Canadians want our troops out of Afghanistan, one would think that it would be a no brainer for him to say to Bob Rae that you are wrong on this one.

Or at the least, to insist on a Parliamentary vote and to allow Lib MPs to vote their conscience on such an important issue (especially when he has Harper on the ropes of having promised not to extend the mission). Instead, Ignatieff has provided Harper cover. In addition, he will be sharing the anger, with Harper, from non-Cons voters that this issue is not being voted in Parliament.

No wonder the Libs are mired in such low polls despite all of Harper's gifts. Again, sad.

Anonymous said...

It's not just a matter of Iggy's 'idiocy' on this file.

It's a matter of consensus amongst the political and economic elite on the supporting imperialism.

This war is the political project of the ruling class in Canada.

This is eminently clear by reading the editorials of the Globe, the statements of the CCCE, and the decisions of the two parties of Bay Street. All of these forces detest the public opposition to the war, demonstrated in every opinion poll.

Our democracy is being shattered, but for very real reasons: the class interests of the ruling elite and their material ties to the US Empire.

Iggy is one of them.

Artem said...

Well said, James.

Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder when I see Liberal bloggers give Iggy "oh okay he's getting better....yeah year by year" outs. It's unforgiving, it's pathetic. Can we please get rid of all the 'rebels' now?

The Mound of Sound said...

James, I don't know what to say. I'm just stuck here at my keyboard thinking about how right you are on this.

Somebody has to reclaim the Liberal Party from the Harvard schoolboy. If he was merely a dud it wouldn't be so bad but he is actually helping Harper achieve his openly stated prime goal of moving Canada's political centre far to the right.

Ignatieff is betraying not just the party but the country itself.