Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sue Ann Levy Irresponsible and Full of it Yet Again

Honestly. How does this women keep her job? She says this in her article:

Rob Ford has a solid hold on first place in Toronto’s mayoral race — and if the momentum continues he’s poised to win by a landslide on Oct. 25, according to the candidate’s own internal polling results obtained by the Sunday Sun

If the Sun has "obtained" (read fed by the Ford campaign) the poll results, why not tell us what the question was, who conducted the poll, what the margin of error is, etc. etc.?

The answer? She a shill. A disgustingly sad excuse of a journalist. Hey Sue why don't you write about how great Rob Ford's fiscal plan is? Oh, that's right IT'S NOT GREAT! What a joke.

In other news, Rocco, you're really getting on my nerves with this "together we can" bullshit. Fact is Rocco YOU CAN'T. There's only one guy that can. It ain't you gumba.

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