Friday, October 8, 2010

Shorter Rob Ford: I Don't Bother Reading 5000 Page Reports

Tuesday Torotonians woke up to the reality that if they build a new million dollar home with a double car garage and a 10 car driveway, only 2 cars can be parked in front of that house. Similarly, if you're a working couple in the burbs with two cars and have a single car garage but a two car driveway, only ONE of your cars is allowed on that driveway.

Ford and Pantalone voted FOR this ridiculous by-law. Ford's excuse at the 680 debate last night? "It was a 5000 page report and I didn't read it, but I will reopen that issue if I'm fortunate enough to be elected Mayor"
YOU DIDN'T BOTHER LEAFING THROUGH A 5,000 PAGE REPORT MR. FORD??? Were you at the football field that day or something?

My question is, if Mr. Ford can't read just one important report, how many reports is he going to miss in a job that has him skimming through hundreds of reports a year??

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