Thursday, October 14, 2010


Some samaratin posted this one on YouTube. Good job.


Anonymous said...

The alternative is a former drug addict that thought wearing a diaper for a day was a good way to show compassion for seniors.

His past also includes ehealth and hydro scandals.

Gene Rayburn said...

Anonymous unless you cite some proof I'll just assume you are speaking about yourself.

You sure have a lot of scandals.

Anonymous said...

Hmm Gene..

Google "Smitherman diaper"

Then google "Smitherman ehealth"

After you sort that out you can google "Smitherman electricity bills"

You could also research the botched e-tax but I have proved my point.

If this still isn't enough proof then by all means respond back and I'll provide links that even a kid in Kindergarten sort out.

None of this is a secret.

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry Gene I forgot this one

Google "Smitherman drug addict"

I provided a link to make it easier for you.

ADHR said...

Anonymous has difficulty counting, too. By my count, there's 35 other candidates for mayor than Rob Ford. (See the list here: So, how is Smitherman the alternative?

Anonymous said...

Unless you are working on the campaign of one of the other candidates then I'll accuse you of extreme naivety.If you are working for one of the others then I applaud your effort.

This is a two person race.Either Ford or Smitherman will be mayor.
I'd strongly advise you not to put money on any other conclusion.

I would also applaud you that you went to some trouble to present some facts. Gene couldn't be bothered to do even that much.

James Curran said...

Google Rob Ford $6million law suit. Google Rob Ford marijuana. Google Rob Ford d u i. Google, Rob Ford....oh, never mind. you get it.

Anonymous said...

I do get it, James but Gene demanded proof. He didn't seem to get it.

Anonymous said...

That video is better than watching Martin Short in character.