Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why would Ignatieff Trash One of His Own Candidates?

What's he thinking when he says stuff like this?

'Hector, I would like you to consider running for me because you're the only one who can win the seat back for us.'

Bizarre. There's already one of his own, hand chosen, candidates running in the riding. And, I like her.


Genevieve said...

I want to believe Iggy knows something we don't. Like that the candidate is dropping out (like many others, BTW) since they cannot afford to be campaigning for 12+ months with no end in sight.

I'll give Iggy the benefit of the doubt on this one.

James Curran said...

a couple of things.

1. Why didn't the reporter bother to phone the existing candidate for comment.

2. Christine is canvassing every weekend in her riding and there is no sign in sight that she plans on stepping aside.

Me thinks good old Hec may be stretching the truth here.

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