Wednesday, June 16, 2010

That's it! Liberal Parliamentarians Have Officially Lost Their Minds

Failing Canada and Canadians on basically every single issue, I give you the once proud Liberal Party of Canada.

Let's have a look at how Team Ignatieff has decided to wind down their last days of the session shall we.

Last week Iggybots had a chance to take down the Conservatives on the most ridiculous Budget Bill in the history of Canada that included 900 pages of everything from soup to nuts and at least 5 non-budgetary bills. They chose to absent 30 MPs instead.

Yesterday, in the Senate, Conservative Senator Murray tried to rally the Liberal troops to split that same budget bill. He fell short. The result of all this bullshit? The Environment is lost in Canada for at least another generation or 2. Way to go team Liberal, party of Kyoto! Bravo!

Big issue #2 was that we forced Liberal MP and speaker of the House, Peter Milliken to make an historic ruling on Parliamentary Priviledge only to cave yesterday and take it in the ear again from Stephen Harper's dictatorship. Shame on you Mr. Ignatieff for failing the Parliament of Canada. Shame.

Issue #3. After 1.5 years of waiting for some kind of substantial policy from the leader's office - and 2 commissions, a convention and a HUGE Montreal thinker's conference later - we get a foreign policy position from the leader. The result???? WE SHOULD STAY IN AFGHANISTAN! WTF are you thinking?

I'm just wondering what happened to my grandaddy's Liberals and why any of us are sticking around for the bloodbath.

Michael Ignatieff was right. We didn't get it done....AGAIN


Devin Johnston said...

Maybe it's time to start considering the alternatives...

Anonymous said...

There is still time for Liberals to take memberships for the GPC policy convention in August.

Anonymous said...

This was all "oh-so-predictable"... Way to go kool-aid drinking Iggybots....

If Mulcair takes over the NDP, I'll be voting for them.

James Curran said...

The United Party of Canada is looking better everyday.

The Mound of Sound said...

That clip is a stomach-churner, James. Michael and the Iglibs truly have turned this party into a goddamned clown car. With the way they've bungled the opposition why would even a Liberal think they were fit to govern?

LMA said...

So it's full steam ahead with Tar Sands expansion, west coast pipelines, and deep drilling off the east coast. The Arctic will surely be next. Forget the fact that at U.S. hearings yesterday the big oil companies admitted they aren't equipped to handle worst case scenarios. Not to worry, who needs federal regulations and environmental assessments? Let the provinces and the National Energy Board worry about it.

Harper doesn't need a majority after all, he has Iggy and the Liberals! IMHO, the NDP and the Greens are the only parties with the guts to stand up for the environment.

JimBobby said...

When I saw Ignatieff advocating an extension of the hugely unpopular Afghan mission, I thought to myself, "He's doomed his party completely." How can a leader be so out of touch? He's actually succeeded at making the Con's look like doves.

I'm not seeing much pushback from other Liberal bloggers. Kudos to you for saying what many must be thinking. How far down must he drag the LPC before the rank and file move en masse to a palatable alternative?

James, I urge you to take a good look at the GPC policy statements.

We're gaining support from Liberals in search of a liberal party. Like Anon says above, there's still time to join and take part in our Toronto policy convention in August.

James Curran said...

While I like Lizzy May, the westcoast contingent of the party (okay a few of them) appear to be a little bit out of touch with reality. You know, in a flower child sort of way.

Anonymous said...

All the more reason to use 1 member 1 vote work to maintain rational center based policy.

In my EDA I've never seen anybody spark up, wear Birkenstocks, or attempt to sell me granola.

JimBobby said...

Yeah, Jim, there are a few fringers in the GPC. I get to quite a few GPC functions, tho, and among core supporters there are more grandparents than granola munchers. Well... maybe a few granola munchin' grandparents, too.

As far as being out of touch with reality, I don't think there's a dope-smokin' hippie treehugger who's as out of touch as Ignatieff. You know, in a Dick Cheney sort of way. :-)

R. G. Harvie said...

I sympathize James..and while I don't actually agree with some of your positions, I've said it with the Conservatives as well on the Senate appointment issue.

Sometimes, in the bigger picture, the party is stronger by losing with it's principals intact, than by winning without them.

Better, IMHO, for the LPC to stand for something and lose (a la Dion's "Greenshift") than to stand for nothing and win..or more likely, to lose anyway.

The hunger for power and "winning" is an animal that is hurting all politics.

penlan said...

"Yesterday, in the Senate, Conservative Senator Murray tried to rally the Liberal troops to split that same budget bill. He fell short."

That's what did it for me. Not having enough Liberal Senators to vote to split the Budget Bill. How could they do that? Principle is gone. It's as though they want Harper & the Cons to retain power.

I listened to Iggy's speech about Foreign Policy & he did say to keep troops there for training Afghanis, & for rebuilding. It isn't that simple & there will always be combat no matter how the mission would supposedly "change". Sigh.

Am completely fed up with the entire Lib Party. There are some good MP's there & they are never front & centre like they should be, Gerard Kennedy for one.

Way to go Iggy & Lib Senators - keeping the Cons in Power one bill at a time.

Michael Watkins said...

Meanwhile, instead of dealing with democracy at home, Iggy and Dosanjh (a pre-election ploy) and Brison (at least he's the right critic to go) are heading off to China. Great! Hopefully Brison will lose Iggy and Dosanjh in an alley somewhere and come back on his own.

I've never been overtly anti-Iggy but I am very much against incompetence. While I understand living to fight another day, at the moment all they are doing is prolonging the inevitable rather than using the time wisely to build.

(And by build, I certainly mean up to and including forming new associations or even parties if that is what it takes.)

Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

I may not entirely disagree with everything in this post ;)

Anonymous said...

Excellently said.
An excellent post.

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