Thursday, June 17, 2010

Smitherman Has Questions for Rob Ford

It's clear that The Smitherman camp has decided who their main threat is. And, no, it's not Rocco Rossi. Here's some questions the Smitherman camp are asking of Rob Ford.

For Immediate Release
June 14, 2010

A Monday morning wake up call for Rob Ford
Good morning Rob ... It’s time you answered some questions

Rob Ford likes to sell himself as a numbers guy, but often his numbers don’t make any sense. Take for instance his promise to cut the number of councillors in half. A promise that can only be kept if councillors themselves agree to it (at best a long-shot and more likely an impossibility). And even then, it would not result in a penny of savings until December 2014.

Despite these facts – Rob Ford has tried to use these imaginary “savings” to pay for his promise to spend $15 million a year to hire 100 police officers and put them in schools.

Over four years, that’s $60 million in new spending before we see any savings.

Which is it Rob? Will the schools have to wait or do your numbers not add up?


George Smitherman June 15 at 8:56am Report
For Immediate Release

Good morning Rob... it's time you answered some questions

Transit and gridlock:

Rob, your comments on transit have people confused. Everywhere you go you say, "I like subways... I don't like streetcars." At the CP24 debate you said: "street cars no way – we have to go with subways." You have even gone so far as to tell the National Post that you have identified two new subway lines as priorities (Eglinton and Sheppard).

When Torontonians hear you say these things, they actually think you are going to build subways. By the way, those two lines alone are $6.7 billion.

But you have been kinda sneaky on this Rob – you have never actually said how you planned to pay for any transit improvements or expansion other than talking about "air rights" which is nothing but hot air and won't get you very far.

In fact you have done the opposite. You also told folks twice during the CP24 debate that transit wasn't a big priority. Not a priority? Really?

Which is it – will there be new subways or not – if so, where exactly – and how are you going to pay for them?


George Smitherman June 16 at 1:16pm ReportGood morning Rob... it’s time you answered some questions

The million dollar part-time councillor:

In return for their full-time salary, councillors are expected to work full-time.

Rob, since you were first elected, taxpayers have paid you over $1,034,281 in salary and benefits.

The problem is you have another job. A real busy one.

You are also the Chief Financial Officer of Deco Labels & Tags. It’s your family’s business and it’s pretty big: over 250 employees in Toronto, Chicago and New Jersey and close to $100 million in annual sales.

Most CFOs will tell you they usually work more than 60 hours a week. Given the fact that you always describe yourself as a “businessman” and never as a “politician,” it’s clear which job has been your priority.

It’s no wonder your fellow councillors have described you as being: “poorly briefed on reports and frequently absent from debates and votes.”

The real question is - if you haven’t been a full-time councillor – why have you been cashing a full-time pay cheque?


Anonymous said...

Childish post. Smitherman has never held a real job.

James Curran said...

You mean as opposed to working for daddy's company?

Anonymous said...

rob ford's new personal blog says it all :