Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Liberal Party of Canada - Failing Canadians One Budget Bill at a Time

Let me just say I am disgusted with the Liberal Party of Canada who, singlehandedly, today sold Canada and Canadians down the river by not defeating this budget bill. If I were a constituent in any of their ridings right now, I'd picket their damn offices and demand their resignations. In fact, I think they should resign. They weren't elected to skip out on the most important of votes in the House of Commons. Disgusting. Total lack of principles and morals.

And why the hell is Stephen Harper getting away with contempt of Parliament? Where is the Liberal Party of Canada on this Afghan document release? WHERE?

Grow some balls Mr. Ignatieff and do your damn job!!!


LMA said...

Disgusting indeed! The passage of this omnibus budget is a total betrayal of all Ignatieff's lofty words in support of tougher environmental regulations, particularly with respect to the expansion of the Tar Sands. To quote Layton, "Oil is still flowing into the Gulf of Mexico, yet the Liberals helped the Conservatives adopt a budget bill that hands responsibility for environmental assessments to the industry friendly National Energy Board".

The Liberal vision of a richer, greener, fairer Canada is truly dead.

Anonymous said...

Now is not the time for an election.Keep you eye on the Senate.

James Curran said...

Um. It's 52, 52 in the senate. So, nothing will happen. When is a good time for an election? You're there to do a job. Do it.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your last question - Ask Bob Rae and Laurie Hawn.

James Curran said...

Now why would I ask them? I'm asking the LEADER of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Anonymous said...

Because they know the documents are in containers in Afghanistan and it's going to take a month at least to retrieve and send.

"The team collecting and cataloguing the documents is expected to have them in hand and ready to be shipped to Ottawa in about a month, Gifford said."
Here, go read, the paper chase.

James Curran said...

"But the two sides have failed to come to a finalized agreement, despite a May 31 deadline to do so, raising concerns that the government could face a contempt of Parliament motion. That could trigger a court battle or possibly a snap election."

As I said. Why is the opposition not getting this deal done or moving a contempt motion. Where documents are is irrelevant to my point.

And I guess I missed the Rae/Hawn reference in the article.

Fillibluster said...

This is the same spineless behaviour we've seen from the Liberals for years. They fear an election, so they allow Harper to run roughshod over everything I hold dear. Dion, Ignatieff, it seems to make no difference. Meanwhile, although my local MP has my email address and the knowledge that I supported him last time, I have received not one single fundraising request, or answer to my several emails to him.
I am as angry at the Liberals right now as I am at Harper.

Anonymous said...

There was NO reference to Rae/Hawn in that article. So, "“We have an obligation to see this thing through,” opposition Liberal MP Bob Rae said at the end of a five-day fact-finding mission to Kandahar and Kabul by the Commons Special Committee on the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan. “The door is open to serious discussion in Canada and between Canada and NATO about what the future looks like,” he said.
From here:
To which Harper replied "I note those words with some interest,” Harper told a news conference, in English. He later added, in French: “I took note of the statement. It’s interesting.”

Still, he said, Canada’s position hasn’t changed.

”I think we’ve been very clear,” Harper said.

“We’re working according to the parliamentary resolution that was adopted in 2008, by which Canada’s military mission will end and will transition to a civilian and development mission at the end of 2011.” HE LIED.

The '08 parliamentary motion - says we’re leaving KANDAHAR, not AFGHANISTAN. Therefore, no contempt motion until it's been debated. Canada (which includes the Cons and Libs and NDP) are f**ked with no lasting legacy (the water irrigation thingy) and are taking Obama's 'the past is the past', so 'let's move on' strategy.

Remember the Liberals let go of the Cadman deal? Without telling us the terms? Same thing happening here. We won't know the terms to this either. The NDP/Bloc can't do the contempt without the Liberals. Outrage yes, but they don't care. Couldn't be simpler.

Liam said...

Once supporters of the Liberals realize that they are another face of the same neo-con coin, maybe then they'll realize that they are the furthest thing from a 'centre-left' or 'progressive' voice in this country.

They have sold out Canadians the same way the Cons have.

Of course, the NDP aren't any better: they've propped up the Cons dozens of times in the past 4 years.

They ALL make me ill.

So ... what are the options? Somebody help me out!

Anonymous said...

Jim -

Actually Mr. Ignatieff was heaving a sigh f relief and sending messages of thanks to Warren! Thanks to that distraction, no-one within his smaller and smaller circle of supporters noticed his betrayal of Canada by letting Bill C-9 pass.
Well no-one but Jack Layton - who got off a big shot at his expense. I'm beginning to believe the rumours that Iggy is in the clutches of the Bilderbergers... ;-))

Wascally Wabbit

crf said...

Iggy is working for Harper. Letting this abomination budget bill pass is beyond lunacy.

It allows Harper to kill AECL and turn Canada into an Alberta led far-right Petro-Dictatorship, which is going to sit out Humanity's attempts to curtail global warming (it is going to be nuclear, if it's done), and run interference for oil-soaked anti-science greed-mongers. This budget signals Canada's retreat into a Hermit state.

I'm going to make a prediction 10 years, Canada, as it is constituted, won't exist. Because Iggy is giant cunt. (Apologies for the sexism. Giant dick, Giant pimple. Bleeding Hemorrhoid. Whatever insult works best.)

Quebec's gone. If Ontario has any sense, it would follow quickly. Not nice to say, I know. But that is what I think.

Iggy, you are giant pussy who'd rather sacrifice Canada than admit you're afraid of a far-right lunatic dip-shit like Harper. Fight him and lose, if you must. But do not be party to Harper's dismantlement of nearly everything that will be needed to make Canada great in the future. You're not being centrist. You're not being reasonable. You're being a fucking ass-eating coward.

James Curran said...

So much for the Senate making any difference, eh anon?