Saturday, June 5, 2010

And This is Why Maurizio Bevilacqua Should Run for Mayor

I guess Denis Coderre still has a little cache.


Anonymous said...

Exit stage RIGHT Maurizio!
I have never been warm to him since immediately after his first election (when he was a very arrogant 24 YO). I was sent over by his provincial (Peterson time) counterpart - as their membership secretary to politely ask him for a copy of his voter's list (my predecessor had disappeared with the one the provincial riding Assocn had built) and I was summarily turned away! My reaction - what goes around comes around!

Wascally Wabbit

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm not clear what you are saying here. Do you support the idea of having a list of 50 countries or so from which people can NEVER claim refugee status?

Why do you believe that? Do you know the level of hate crimes that still happen in some Eastern European countries? (that the Tories wanted to be included on the lists)

Of all people, given your view on the last immigration changes (which you strongly opposed the Tories putting in place), I would have thought you would have sided with the bulk of caucus and not Maurizio on this one. Just curious as to why.

James Curran said...

I think my point here is that our caucus and its leader are hanging fellow MPs out to dry. Mainly because they don't do their homework until the test is over. They did it to Ruby Dhalla. Now Maurizio. The leader should have stopped this ridiculous bill from the beginning. Period. Full stop.

It's a bill to kill Liberals in urban ridings. Period!

The fact is Maurizio was out there making a deal for months. The rest of the MPs just figured out there was a bill with these ramifications.

Perhaps the MPs will read the 880 page budget bill when they get a chance so they can see how it will kill Canada for years to come.