Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why Are Liberals Defending Helena Guergis

So much for a guy who claims he doesn't grant interviews or issue statements. What the hell is this guy defending a Conservative MP for when his party spent days ridiculing the Government in question period???

I guess he's more worried about his personal reputation than he is about where the Liberal Party is going. Do me a favour Mr. Donolo, get this guy off television before we're at 20% in the polls.


Kim Leaman said...

Your blog fails to mention anyone's name, but after following the links I managed to figure out that you are alluding to Alfred Apps. You accuse him of defending Guergis and say that He is damaging the Liberals by doing so!

Although it is true that he usually stays out of such debate, his name was mentioned repeatedly by PI Snowdy,(a Conservative party member)during the Jaffer inquiry, as Gillani's "get away driver". That was an absurd contention, to say the very least. Only a fool would have expected him (Apps) to remain silent about it, especially as the retainer paid by Gillani was returned to him nine short days later, after it was decided that Apps' lawfirm wanted nothing to do with Nazim Gillani.

As to your other contention, that being that Apps was defending Helena Guergis, that too is flawed.

No one from the Liberal party has defended any of her actions, and all any of them have said, and quite rightly, is that she, like all Canadians, has the Right to know what it was that she was being accused of.

This somehow baffles you?

In that case please do not make matters any worse. before the Liberals drop even further in the polls. Something that you accuse Apps of also.

Your blog and your very odd reading of Apps' role in this affair is doing damage. I think you know that. Luckily most of us will see the gaping holes in your ascertions.

Harper still needs to give Guergis the information that he is using against her.

Luckily Apps' accuser was more open and he was able to defend himself from it. Hopefully he will also be aware of this blog and have the opportunity to thank you directly.


Annie... said...

Couldn't have said it any better, Kim!

James Curran said...

Sure Kim. Sure Annie. Let's start asking for people to feel bad for Helena now.

Ignatieff was not buying her explanation, however, He said outside the House of Commons that she had lied.

CBC - March 31, 2010

“Stephen Harper needs to hold his Ministers to a higher standard and go beyond insincere apologies and childish excuses,” said Ms. Neville. “He needs to ask her to step down. Ms. Guergis’ behaviour is completely unacceptable of any citizen, let alone a Minister of the Crown.” -February 26, 2010

"I just think this is not good enough. Canadians don't get to say they're sorry and get off. If I pick up my shoes going through an airport and throw them around, I don't fly and I might get booked," Ignatieff said.

"And if they have someone make up little letters, in my book that's lying. And then pretending that you didn't really have anything to do with it, it was all the staff, that's lying a second time. I don't think a person like that is worthy of the confidence of Canadians, I don't think that person is worthy of remaining in the cabinet of Canada."

Star Phoenix April 1, 2010.

"Michael Ignatieff calls Helena Guergis a liar"

Jane Taber's Title March 31, 2010

As he has been for several Question Period sessions now, PEI Liberal MP Wayne Easter was up on his feet demanding the minister’s resignation for her airport behaviour during which she characterized the island as a “hell hole.”

“The facts are well established. How can the Prime Minister continue to condone the conduct of a senior minister, who, 1. insulted a province; 2. berated, belittled and bullied airport personnel and security staff?” he asked. “The list of Conservative insiders calling on the Prime Minister to fire this minister continues to grow daily.”

The Globe - March 16, 2010

Harper's handling of the issue raises questions about his judgment, to the point where "even the Conservative Party might be writhing at what's going on," said Ignatieff.

"From the moment of Mr. Jaffer's arrest, warning bells should have sounded both about his business activities, about her relation to those business activities, and when she kept making misstep after misstep, I think the prime minister should have acted, a long time ago," he said.

CBC News - May 11, 2010

Big Winnie said...

Simply put, the whole issue surrounding Mr. Apps was a diversion.

Are the Libs defending Guergis? No! What they are doing is showing how Harper's judgement was flawed in booting her out of caucus. I would have to extend that to the PMO/Chief of Staff since it was under their advice that she got canned.

If I follow the timelines correctly, Snowdy's info was passed to the lawyer, then the chief of staff and then to the PM. The PM acted upon that info.

After that, CON MPs started releasing docs. (Prentice knew about Jaffer's meetings on the Tues night but didn't mention anything to parliament until the Fri morning which was 2 days after Jaffer testified).

At the committee hearings, Snowdy was led by Brown to make suppositions about Apps and his relationship with Gillani. How could this have happened unless there was complicity (in my opinion)? The letter should have laid any doubts to rest.

Next we learned that it as under Snowdy's advice that Guergis was "fired". The government then claims that it had other sources. Yet all they could say is that Jaffer used Guergis' office for doing business which was brought out after she was "fired".

Therefore, in my opinion and based on a lack of info from the govt, the "serious allegations" brought forward by the government were a sham. Moreover, if the government had other "credible" information it could only have come from within the party or if the RCMP was already investigating.

James Curran said...

Which is all well and good. Save for the fact that the Liberal President dealt with Mr. Gallani 4 years ago.

Should have disclosed it before it was about to be revealed in a Parliamentary committee.

His firm issued a statement. He issued an email to the faithful expressing he doesn't do TV or interviews. And, suddenly, the guy's on TV everyday. he should of left it at steps one and two.

And NOW he's speaking about the whole affair. Shut the hell up. Speak about your part and leave the rest to the elected members.

Anonymous said...

James, sadly, the Liberals will always trail the Connies with the dumb moves they have been doing.

Anonymous said...

In B.C. the skuttlebutt is Harper was having an affair with Geurgis. Oh My. Laureen moved out months ago.
Maybe that explains it. Like anyone knows the truth, like anyone will ever know. *sigh*

LeDaro said...

I lost interest in Liberal Party after Iggy became leader and continued to put his foot in his mouth. However, on this issue I do agree with Big Winnie. I even feel sorry for Guergis as she was fired as a Minister and then kicked out of the caucus and we still don't know the reasons.