Tuesday, May 4, 2010

There Will Be no Deal Come May 11, 2010

With the Prime Minister taking off in the morning for Europe, I highly doubt that there will be a conclusion to the whole Speaker of the House/Afghanee thingy by Tuesday May 11. In fact, it's my opinion that Harper has already decided that he wants to fight an election. Everything else leading up to that election call is just smoke and mirrors kids.

So let's recap the previous election campaigns that the Liberals ran on.

Paul Martin had the three K's, Kelowna, kids and Kyoto.

Stephane Dion had the three pillars, social justice, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability.

And, if an election were to be called today, we now have Liberals going to the polls based on Maternal health in third world countries, afghan detainees and the gun registry.

I'm ready to fight an election on that. Aren't you?


Brent said...

I'd rather portray it as overthrowing a government unwilling to represent and defend the interests the Canadian people. But sure, why not?

Big Winnie said...

You may as well include their fiscal irresponibility, their lack of transparency, their lack of accountability (including Afghan detainees, funding cuts to women's groups, closure of Human Rights Offices, etc...

Alan Kan said...

If you want to fight an election on those three things, good luck because none of them have any remote relevance in the average Canadians' life. Why do you think the Tories are hovering around 40% again?