Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Not That Simple Mr. Kinsella

Warren takes a page out of "Kicking Ass" and meets the issue head on.

I mean the mere thought of a Liberal Party President associating with some unsavoury types should not be enough to trigger any burrs in butts, right? WRONG!

You see, if I were a member of the Liberal caucus who just spent two months of hurling accusations at Conservatives and Rahim Jaffer about a certain Nazim Gallani and the party president sat on his ass and didn't tell anyone about some sort of meeting with the same Gallani until it came out at a committee hearing, I'd be more than just a little out of sorts. In fact, I'd be asking for his head on a platter.

This is what happens when democracy gets thrown out within a party. Unelected leaders and unelected presidents. Some of whom claim to know it all.


Fiddlers' Green said...

I disagree on two levels; first, if I had words with Apps, it would be in private (and not open to media); 2nd, with all these characters I'd be careful in beleiving anything they say, and in fact it looks like Apps couldn't get rid of Gallani fast enough. You can't help who walks in your office.

As to the unlected comments - as to the party president, I agree; and I would argue we should have that position elected by all party members. However; as to the leader himself; you can argue which system is better, but he was elected democratically; by the caucus, who were all elected into their positions. Ah, but that is a bigger debate...

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

Mark this day, James.

I'm agreeing with Kinsella.

And, in general, can say that in Canadian politics we've become a little bit preoccupied with "gotcha" sort of character attacks on politicians - which serves no interest but to dissuade decent people from getting involved and further alienating the electorate.

Although.. as you say, each party lives by the sword.. I just think at some point, what Government does or doesn't do get's lost in what someone's husband did or didn't do, etc., etc.

Meeting with someone, taking a retainer, and then deciding you don't want the file doesn't make you a "getaway driver".. any more than sharing drinks with a criminal makes you a criminal.

It's all pretty stupid and distracting from real issues.

James Curran said...

Even Jaffer didn't take a "retainer". Perhaps it slipped Mr. Apps' mind that there was a meeting with this fellow. Why else would he let his MPs ramble on in the HoC for days on end about Jaffer and Gallani.

You know, people in glass houses and all that sort of shit.

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