Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Greatest PM EVER!


CK said...

Not Trudeau?

James Curran said...

While it's true that I AM a Liberal because of a handshake from PET, and they may never name an airport after JC, I have a big spot in my heart for the Little Guy that fought all the battles and won most of the wars.

Annie... said...

Jean Chretien could make people laugh..a delightful trademark. and still can,
WE do not forget PET..another era

Jymn Parrett said...

Oh, to have a Chretien now!

CK said...

I guess I'm biased as Trudeau used to be an aquaintance of my grandfather's, but that said, I have to agree with all of you on this board; we need Chretien and his street smarts back...

Although Martin is to be credited for not deregulating our financial system at the insistance of the U.S., I think Martin should be left behind this time.

"A proof is a proof is a proof!" Who could forget that?

That said, looking forward, some of you may find this odd, but I kind of like Martin Cauchon as the next leader. What's say you?

James Curran said...

OK. Thanks for asking.

For the last 23 years all I've heard about the future "stars" in this party (GK, MI, etc. etc.) is "He's the next Trudeau". Why not just go get the next Trudeau. I think there's a couple around somewhere.

CK said...

Ah, the young Justin...hmm! Some of my coworkers were telling me that they used to be liberal supporters (donors and / or volunteers) would start donating money and / or time again if Justin led.

You're absolutely right: if they want to bring back Trudeaumania; who better than a bonafide Trudeau?

Problem is though, what do we really know about him? Can he and his limited experience bring this drowning party back afloat. Can he tarnish Harpercon teflon?

An after thought perhaps, but does he defend all the progressive principles and policies his father stood for?

Some have argued that Cauchon has 'not garnered excitement' or something along those lines. Honestly, I'm getting tired of the leader with no personality complaint. What do you want him to do? Jump through hoops like some circus poodle or actually lead this party out of the slump?

I would be open to Justin if the party would get around and support him to make up for his lack of experience and not trample all over him like they did Stephane Dion...that's main concern.