Monday, April 19, 2010

NDP Supports the Conservatives....AGAIN

NDP nixes the Jaffer Geurgis inquiry. Shouldn't there be an investigation as to whether or not there was some sort of underhanded unregistered lobbying going on. Brad Levine of the NDP is on CTV and he doesn't think so.

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CK said...

I've been wondering what the hell the NDP stands for these days; actually, in recent years.

Folks rib Iggy for being Harperlite, but you know, I've been finding more and more that the NDP seems to be closer to STeve than to Iggy.

Ever listen to Mulcair speak either on the big TV screen or on the radio? He can't seem to help himself; he must take a jab at the Liberals and wonder if he does that more often than slamming the Harpercons.

I actually chronicled how often Jack has cozied up to Brother Steve since they brought down the Paul Martin Liberal minority.