Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bye Bye Liberal Grassroots....

...see ya in 2012. Today, it is reported that the Liberal Party of Canada will hold their next biennial convention June 17-19, 2011 in Ottawa.

To me this means the following sequence of events are about to take place (because these guys read Juggernaut and they think they are the reincarnation of the Martinites):

1. Anyone wishing to run for a position of riding president, table officer, provincial officer or table officer that is deemed to be "unfriendly to the OLO" will promptly get squashed in a contested (or so they call it) battle at the riding and provincial levels from this day forward.

2. Talk of Liberal leadership will be rekindled faster than you can say "snap".

3. There is obviously NO ELECTION IN THE YEAR 2010.


Jennifer Smith said...

We just had our AGM last week. We still have the same president, and everyone running for the executive was acclaimed. But hey, maybe they just don't care about Halton.

James Curran said...

UM....didn't they implant THEIR candidate in an acclamation in your riding????

...and I said from this day forward.

Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

At least at Jays games, these days, your voice can be heard...

R. G. Harvie said...

My $.02?

I don't think it's just a Liberal issue. I think politics is to some degree lost.

It's about the machine, it's about winning at all costs - and the creativity and the honesty in people actually standing for something has become, for the official party lines, a LIABILITY from their point of view.

It's "WalMart" politics.