Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adler and John Tory Tell us Canadians Just Don't Care

And Jane Taber has a hysterical fit of chuckles. These two idiots should stick to hyper-conservative, we-don't-take-your-questions-if-they-aren't-in-agreement-with-us-radio shows. Tory toes the line with the ever popular "Liberal Ad Scam".

Jaffer finally finds friends.

Here's the video


Blues Clair said...

Sadly, I watched it. I blame you.

Big Winnie said...

When I saw Adler, Tory and Taber, I switched channels...How partisan of a panel can you get?

What a waste of air time!!

James Curran said...

I blame the Liberal adscam....a la John Tory, of course.

CK said...

Ah, good ol' adscam. Great stand by for these partisan cheerleaders when things get a little too hot.

I couldn't stand that trio of idiots neither.

I also noticed that Oliver and Taber are of the belief Milliken will rule in favor of Government.

Oh Lawdy!