Thursday, March 25, 2010

What we Really Needed was a DOERS Conference

My invitation got lost in the mail. I imagine 100,000 other invitations got lost too!

Are you one of the lucky 300? Let us know if you are.

Travers has lots to say about the Montreal Conference.

So does Hepburn.

ONTARIO! Ours to Recover


Jennifer Smith said...

Consider this your official invitation to Canada 150: Halton. We have over a dozen panelists including local councillors, environmental leaders, social activists, local media - and me! I'll be talking about Canadian arts, culture and media in the digital age.

It'll be WAY more fun than Montreal, and it won't cost you $600. Although if you want to kick in a couple of bucks to help cover the photocopying and the sandwiches, we'd appreciate it.

Brent said...

From my end of the party (i.e., the bottom end), this is looking like the people Peter Donolo wants to listen to talking about the things Peter Donolo wants to talk about, saying the things Peter Donolo wants to hear and coming to the conclusions Peter Donolo wrote down a couple of weeks ago. Wasn't this supposed to be about gathering bold new ideas from the general membership?

Top Can Inc. said...

To Brent: The answer is clearly a "No".

Clearly, this thinkers' conference was designed to stroke Ignatieff's ego because in his mind, he is the only one who can win the election.

James Curran said...

ON a conference call in January sponsored by two former national directors of the the party, I flat out aske Mauril Belanger `1. why there isn't an effort being made to engage the grassroots prior to the conference 2. Could we not facilitate this through En Famille and, 3. Will the party help ridings defer costs to have their offsite gatherings.

The answer that he gave was simple: NO to all. And that we will engage the grassroots "sometime after the conference".

So there you have it.

Mala Fides said...

Who cares?