Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who Doesn't Support Our Troops Now, Mr. McKay

This guy is an embarrassment. What, oh what, has happened to our new and improved commitment to re-equip our troops.

ONTARIO! Ours to Recover


The Mound of Sound said...

Loathe as I am to defend MacKay, he may be doing the right thing.

It's there in the reference to the "tactical combat patrol vehicle." This is a super-heavily armoured truck the US has fielded in Afghanistan. It has greatly cut fatalities in IED explosions. It has enabled the American IED fatality rate to decline while ours and the Brits' have gone well up.

McClatchey had a good item on this tactical combat patrol vehicle just yesterday.

R. G. Harvie said...

While of late, I've been lambasting my own party because of prorogation.. I think M of S is right, James.

Reading the article, the change is motivated because of shifting priorities, not of government, but of the DND.

The only people are pissed off are the defence industry.

David Scott said...

"Support Our Troops." Used early in the invasion and occupation of Iraq as a counter to the growing anti-war movement, this patriotic slogan has since undergone a metamorphosis. As the scores of mentally disturbed soldiers return from the battle fields to their home-towns and try to re-integrate into society, their friends and families are learning that no amount of support can ever heal the psychological wounds that soldiers suffer. Don't tell me they are fighting for my freedom, because that is pure garbage! I invite you to my political discussion blog: I especially like to receive comments from those who disagree with me…