Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's Official...Bob Chiarelli Will Run in Ottawa West Nepean

January 31, 2010 Bob Chiarelli nominated as Liberal candidatein Ottawa West-Nepean (Nepean)–

Bob Chiarelli – former Mayor, Regional Chair, and MPP – has been nominated as the Liberal candidate in the provincial riding of Ottawa West-Nepean. “I have spent my entire life working to make our community better,” said Chiarelli. “I believe I can continue the tradition of strong representation that Ottawa West-Nepean seniors and families expect.” As MPP for Ottawa West from 1987-1997, and later as Regional Chair of Ottawa-Carleton and Mayor of the amalgamated City of Ottawa, Bob Chiarelli has worked hard to improve the quality of life in Ottawa West-Nepean. He has been a champion of public transit, including clean light-rail expansion, and helped build over $150 million in new recreational and health care infrastructure in the community. As mayor of Ottawa, Bob ensured the city maintained its Triple-A fiscal rating. Bob and his partner, Randi Hansen, live in Ottawa. For further information about the candidate, please visit

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Top Can Inc. said...

I like to formally request that you changed the title of your post. Mr. Chiarelli was not "nominated" but "appointed". Now there's nothing wrong with that, but I just think it is intellectually dishonest to give the impression there was an actual nomination contest when in fact there wasn't. Mr. Chiarelli was put in by the party to run; he happens to be a former mayor of Ottawa, so I don't doubt his ability to represent this riding well. But let's treat people like they have a brain here and not sugar coat this.

Top Can Inc. said...

Hey, man. Sorry but I meant to say change the wording in your post about "nominated". Your title's fine, my bad.