Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Like Omar Alghabra's Idea

With the ridiculous sham that PM Harpo has just pulled on the people of Canada, Liberals across the country are putting forth expressions of disbelief.

I was at a function the other night where former MP and current candidate for Mississauga Erindale, Omar Alghabra, expressed his idea for bringing this farce to light to the Canadian people. It's simple and I think it could be very effective.

Omar suggests that Liberal MPs show up at the House of Commons daily at the exact time Question Period would normally take place and ask the 5 daily questions we would normally ask on that particular day. Simple and effective.

Your thoughts?



Top Can Inc. said...

Normally I'm cynical towards all kinds of publicity stunts, but this one seems plausible.

The only response I can think of, especially during the Olympics, will be the Tories throwing out accusations that we're being unpatriotic during a time of national celebration by disrespecting our athletes with politics. I'm sure Canadians will see this as a hollow argument, except those who go on to post comments (those people are fucking nuts).

Curtis said...

I like the approach. Toss in comments like "We're here because it's our JOB." and it may just resonate across the land.

Brent said...

Someone has to govern. If the Conservatives won't, the opposition parties might as well do it for them.

lyrical said...

The dates for the Winter Olympics in Calgary were Feb. 13-28, 1988. According to PARLINFO, Parliament did not sit for the first week of the Games, but did sit for the second week and also the month preceding the Games.

CK said...

It's a good start and as they say, just crazy enough to work.

It's no longer enough for us to express dismay, disillusionment in our blogs; It's time to act.

The right slanted media today is crowing enough and it's time to get even louder than they are.