Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rick Hillier Watches Too Many Movies Me Thinks



Rob Harvie said...

..I'm just waiting for the sequel, where terrorists are killing hostages in downtown Toronto, and Tom Cruise and Demi Moore are all, "we demand the truth".. as an IED explodes scattering their carcas all about Bay Street.

The amusing reality is that a good part of what Jack Nicholson says in this scene is exactly true.

When the shit hits the fan, and you and your loved ones are being murdered by our enemies.. you WANT him on that wall, you NEED him on that wall.

It's kind of the like the old days when we played road hocky, but the stakes are a little higher.

Tell you what, when the chips are down, and I want someone to protect me in an armed conflict.. you can have two picks to my one - use your first pick to take Richard Colvin and Bob Rae. I'll take Rick Hillier.

James Curran said...

Tell ya what Rob, since we're the ones picking, that would mean we are the captains of the team, which would, in turn, mean that we are superior to those three gentlemen. But assuming that we were superior to those three, I will choose the one not lying and that has everything to lose and nothing to gain. In your scenario, that would mean Mr. Colvin.

Rob Harvie said...

LOL.. Honestly, James, I don't know what I would have done if I were Peter MacKay.

IF I received the Colvin memos, and I then spoke to Hillier, and assuming Hillier said then what he's saying now, I would have done nothing.

And I'd take my lumps.

And say - if I'm wrong for not doing more to help secure the welfare of a terrorist in an area of open conflict.. well, I'll err on the side of protecting our troops instead of covering my own *ss and appeasing Amnesty International.

And I'd still pick Hillier every single day of the week in an armed conflict.. and you would too, James.

Though I might vote for Colvin to represent my interests as a politian.

Greg said...

And I'd take my lumps.

Even if those "lumps" meant an extended stay at the Hague? I doubt it. Peter has the right formula, deny, deny and don't take any more trips to Europe.