Monday, November 30, 2009

My Name is Jim Curran and I'm Running to be Vice President-Organization for the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario)

During the 2009 Leadership Convention in Vancouver, I started a little movement entitled ONTARIO! Ours to Recover. It was a grassroots attempt to bring together fellow Liberals to exchange ideas about how we can recover from a fairly poor Liberal voter turnout in the 2008 general election.

Judging by the bar bill, a few hundred dedicated grassroots Liberals showed up to tip a few and share some ideas. It was a great night for those with ideas to bounce them off fellow Liberals from around the country.

It's with that same enthusiasm and grassroots engagement in mind that I announce my candidacy for VP-Organization LPC(O).

I need your support and I ask you for it.

According to the LPC(O) Constitution, ARTICLE VI ‐ COMMITTEES OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, this is what I'm supposed to do if elected:

Organization Committee Structure:

6. There shall be an Organization Committee of the Executive Committee consisting of the Vice‐President and not less than ten (10) other members appointed by the Vice‐President with the approval of the Management Committee. The Committee shall elect a Vice‐Coordinator and Secretary from amongst themselves and the Vice‐President shall endeavour to appoint persons representative of the various interests within LPC(O).

Organization Committee Responsibilities

7. The Organization Committee shall be responsible for organizing the work of the LPC(o) with respect to:

(a) preparing LPC(O) for election;
(b) working with ridings in organization preparations.



Jennifer Smith said...

If for no other reason than that you ran the best party at the Convention (my ears are still ringing from Alf's), you have my support.

penlan said...

You also have my support. What do we do now?

James Curran said...

Elect delegates for the Feb 5-7 AGM in Windsor.

Rob Harvie said...

I can't completely honestly say I hope you do a good job (though I suspect you will), but having a thinking Liberal who is not afraid of seeing the warts in his own party isn't a bad thing.. even if we don't see eye to eye.

Good luck!