Thursday, November 12, 2009

Conservative MP Dykstra TOOOO Important for Veterans

Talk about the ultimate disrespectful act! Totally disgusting that you have to reach for your Blackberry in the middle of a memorial ceremony. That's him to the right of the Mayor of St. Catharines. Don't think the veterans didn't take notice of it either. They did!

That's why this guy will be the next MP in St. Catharines. Enter Andrew Gill.

Thoughtful and respectful.



Top Can Inc. said...

He could have been live blogging the event on Twitter. However, we might not really know, since you were the only one who seemed to have either taken the picture or pulled it from somewhere else. It shows Rick using his Blackberry, but was he using it for an extended period of time, or was he at that moment taking it out to turn it off because he knew it would be disrespect to answer messages during that time?

It's like that old saying "a picture is worth a 1000 words." And no, I don't think people in St. Catharines will vote him out because of this.

James Curran said...

What a crock. You should look at the picture again. He's clearly typing away on his Blackberry. Some vets claim he did it through the entire ceremony.

Top Can Inc. said...

Did you take that picture? Did you actually attend this event? I'd have more reason to take your word for it if you did.