Monday, November 9, 2009

Come Fly with Me...Your Tax Dollars at Work!!!

It's inexplicable I tell ya. Rick Norlock! He's from the Cobourg Ontario riding of Northumberland, Quinte West. Population 9.

Not a single Liberal in the top twenty.



Robert McClelland said...

These are expenses for printing services (ie. ten percenters), not air travel.

RuralSandi said...

What do I know....this is expenses for ten percenters. Norlock lives, I believe near Warkworth, but represents Northumberland-Quinte West which includes Cobourg.

I'm in his riding and I've received approximately 25 ten percenters from him fron mid-Jan to Oct. Our riding has approx 120,000 people.

He was an OPP cop, but an avid I think his love of hunting elk supercedes safety.

This is a shameful abuse of our taxpayer dollars,.

James Curran said...

Sorry guys. I erred with other information being thrown at me these days. I'll get those fare #s to ya. Thanks for paying attention

James Curran said...

Fo a minute ther I felt like I worked at the Toronto Star. You know, where FACTS get in the way.