Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Conservative $100 Million Boondoggle

Turns out Prime Minister Harper wants a legacy built in his own backyard. Too bad it's the National Portrait Gallery that has to suffer because of it. Why the shroud of secrecy? Why the Friday night announcement?



penlan said...

Another waste of taxpayer money. The original plan was best but we all know where Dear Leader Harper wants it to be - in his own backyard. Now that has failed & all this art will continue to sit in storage. Useless.

Rob Harvie said...

A wasted $500 million for Jean Chretien to escape the previous contract to purchase needed helicopters for our armed forces.

When added costs of maintaining the outdated machines, and the cost of later ultimately replacing them get tallied up - could be a cost to taxpayers of over a billion dollars.

And the Harper plan is to open the contract for transparent bidding and to perhaps consider goverment pork going somewhere OTHER than Ottawa.


James Curran said...

Chretien? Wtf Rob? Helicopters are going in the national portrait gallery? Really?

Tell me. Was this gallery going into harper's own riding? Cause we all know he'll have no airports named after him any time soon.

Rob Harvie said...

I guess I'm just saying, I'm getting a little cynical, I suppose, about made-in-Canada politics.

At best, we have two major parties who know where their bread is buttered, and they both go after it with a passion, and they both throw darts at eachother when the other guy is doing the exact same thing.

John said...

Fair 'nuff Rob. But the Harperites are doing it far more frequently, flagrantly and with far more complete disregard for transparency than the Grits ever managed.
Just check out the pork around the the G-8 summit in Huntsville. Nauseating, really.