Saturday, October 24, 2009


And we always knew you were Mr. Kenney.



Lizt. said...

Kenney is well loved by the Sikhs in Brampton , Rubies riding, as they were mad at Ruby for voting for same-sex marriage. My goodness. They are all going to vote Con., and there is a great many of them.

Top Can Inc. said...

I don't think this group can realistically blame Kenney for that woman's murder in Mexico, just because her entry visa was denied. What are we supposed to think? That Kenney himself pulled the trigger?

James Curran said...

And wtf does that have to do with Kenney being a Racist!?!?!

dillon said...

Curran Read the Globe after you wash your mouth out. The shift means Etobicoke-Souh is up for grab.

Lizt. said...

And who pray tell is going to beat Ignatieff..good luck

Big Winnie said...

I agree Jim...Anyone who opposes Kenney and his "poliices" is deported or not allowed to immigrate to Canada.

As for Ruby Dhalla, "Nannygate" was a crisis concocted by the CONs (photo op with Kenny and the 2 women involved). Why weren't they transported to Ottawa to face the committee? You know why? In keeping with Con tradition, let's distort the truth and keep a hold on power

Other than a few photo ops, Kenney and the government are attempting to create a "Republican/KKK" style of immigration

Rob Harvie said...

Anyone who opposes Kenney and his "poliices" is deported or not allowed to immigrate to Canada.

..and you wonder why the Liberal party mires in the polls?


"Republican/KKK style" of immigration?

Uh. Message to fear-mongering crew - it's not working. Canadians aren't quite that stupid.

The corrolarly of what the protesters want is "Everyone is LEGAL". Ask and you receive, no questions asked.

Ask the average Canadian if that's what they want.

Ask the average Canadian if we should have to spend thousands of dollars to fund appeals of U.S. soldiers who decided they didn't want to serve their country, or "economic" refugees who just want to enter a better Country.. which is understandable and laudable.. but the notion that we should just open the borders is much less than acceptable to average Canadians.

But keep buying into the extreme left, and watch the Conservatives ride into a majority.

James Curran said...

The moral of the storey is that the Conservative Party is a party full of bigots that don't believe in immigration period....unless of course that immigration currently occurs in Brampton Springdale (Where Kenney is handing out visas to one eyed cats and three legged dogs) to achieve victory in ethnic dominated ridings.

There will be no Conservative majority any time soon. And with adult supervision in the OLO, there may not be a minority either.

Rob Harvie said...

lol.. THAT sounds like a challenge James! My wife is an immigration lawyer - and her take is that, by and large, things have improved greatly since Volpe was the minister. There is more money into the administration, and more staff.. but, the chaos of Refugee claimants has been controlled, which is what is pissing these people off.

Think about that. You are applying in the normal que. You are an educated person, able to contribute very positively to the Canadian economy, and you are standing in line for years.

And - at the same time - some American soldier has an "attack of conscience" about going to Afghanistan or Iraq, and drives across the border and he demands to be attended to NOW. And a Mexican citizen, seeking to escape economic difficulty, also sneaks across the border, and demands to be attend to NOW. And if they don't get what they want, they want an appeal process, with government support, and government care while they're waiting..

Uh. Yeah. It's about "race". No. It's about systemic fairness, it's about respecting the rights of people doing things the "right" way. The Liberals can complain all they want about changes to policy with Mexico and the Czech republic, but please explain to me how the average Canadian is to believe that there are true refugee claimants from those two countries.

Again - you can say it all you like, I think the average Canadian is not going to buy the snake oil the LPC is trying to sell.

James Curran said...

Well picture yourself as that doctor in line and you've been waiting 5 years. you're now #2 in the queue. The guy 4,000 spots behind you is a Sikh that wants to move into Brampton Springdale and he's a dog catcher. Jason Kenney decides dog cathchers in Brampton Springdale are waaaaaay more important than doctors at Calgary General (cause they don't need the votes there). Guess who's getting into the country Rob?