Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bye Bye Chalk River...We Hardly Knew Ya

Seems some people believe the reactor at Chalk River may never reopen. And what does the Minister of Natural Disasters, Lisa Raitt have to say about it? Nada!



dillon said...

It's too bad Chretien and Martin did no planning to deal with this problem. They ignored it. In fact they acted recklessly with Canadian's safety

James Curran said...

And too bad we never stopped the Germans at the Maginot Line.

Strange you leave Mulroney out of the equation.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that they don't blame Linda...

roblaw said...

It is, truly, a mess. We've been around the block on this before James, and I would agree that there is no government in the last 20 years with clean hands at Chalk River.. is it a commentary on heavily government subsidized private enterprise? Is it a commentary on business being judged "too important" to apply sensible rules to?

Chalk River is a mess and the problem is unlikely to be fully addresed without a massive amount of public money being used to effectively reconstruct it. The question, however, why should the tax payers put money into a busines trading on the TSE?

Personally - I think the government is close to now doing the right thing - which is, more or less, nothing other than finally making demands that operations not resume until adherence to proper safety standards can be met. It may leave the world in a bad situation relativet to isotope production - but unless the public has the stomach to effectively buy it out completely - which I don't think is the case - there seems to be no better or more prudent solution.

And crying over spilled milk, or a breached "Maginot Line" is no solution at all.