Monday, July 20, 2009

How to Piss off Your Other Candidates and Caucus Members

Thank you Mr. Oppal for telling us all how important you are to our party. Good to know that Marlene Jennings and Irwin Cotler won't be in the running for the job. Nor will the likes of other party elected lawyers like Dryden, Hall Findlay, Maloney and the likes.

Tim Powers makes some interesting observations along the lines of what I alleged on Saturday. My question is which of the other 278 candidates for the party have been told that they are NOT cabinet worthy?

As I said, there's a few realities that some people have to come to terms with. One is that leadership is over and it's high time that someone told the kids that so that they can begin to shape a plan for a Liberal vision of Canada rather than worrying about A) a leadership race that doesn't exist and B) patronage of fellow supporters across the country.

Hey, what do I know?



Reid said...

It's nice to see that Trudeau the Younger has such happy memories of his father callously endangering the lives of his "beloved" children.

James Curran said...

Now we know for certain you're nothing but a teen in your mother's basement Reid. For if you weren't,you'd be familiar with the art of piling nine into a station wagon.

C-Nuck said...
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