Friday, July 3, 2009

Breathless in Alaska

A breathless Palin? Really ABC?


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roblaw said...

The media really is wonderfully stupid, isn't it?

Like after being abused for the past two years, having ass-clowns like Letterman making fun of her children, and being the ongoing butt of SNL skits.. they are "mystified" why she's chosen to do something else.

Like I said, she probably was fighting far outside of her weight class, but, at the end, she is a person with feelings like any other.. ironically, however, being attacked from the left in a much more savage way than Geraldine Ferraro ever was during her campaign, and only slightly more than the attacks on Hillary in the primaries.

The message:

We are ready for a black President, but not a woman.

Ferraro, in fact, made the comment after Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic nomination that even Hillary's treatment left a bad taste in the mouths of many women.