Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Conservative Minister Lisa Raitt is the New Maxime Bernier

What is with these Cabinet Ministers leaving "secret documents" all over the place? Not only that, but Minister Raitt decided to leave documents containing secret spending. She's been deceiving the people of Canada about Chalk River since the day she was appointed to her position. Total incompetent. Halton made a mistake electing her.

If Maxime Bernier was fired, so too must Lisa Raitt be!!!!



Lizt. said...

Bernier at least wasn't carrying secrets about Nuclear items..that is a little more dangerous, and yes, she should be fired as the minister!

roblaw said...


Beyond stupid.

Should be fired.

penlan said...

A staffer will end up taking the hit so Raitt can keep her job & continue to look good on T.V. just behind Harper. It's all about the optics doncha know.